Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dear Scent Diary, Jan. 20 - 26

I should have posted this yesterday, but I was sad.

Wednesday, Jan. 20: SOTD: Havana Vanille. SOTE: By Kilian Beyond Love. (How come nobody's made a tuberose-vanilla? Two great smells that smell great together... I can see the ad campaign now: one woman carrying some really potent vanilla extract on a tray and coming around one corner, another woman carrying a bouquet of tuberoses coming around the same corner and crashing into the first woman... Wait, I guess that's been done. Reviews pending for both of these.)

Thursday, Jan. 21: SOTD: Amouage Ubar, early version on left wrist and rerelease on right wrist. The early version is more woody floral, the newer more oriental floral. Robin at NST prefers the original, and she's welcome to – it's really pleasant – but I have a definite preference for the floriental. One dab from my sample vial of Ubar has lasted for hours.

Friday, Jan. 22: SOTD: PdN Vanille Tonka. Happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy!!

Saturday, Jan. 23: SOTD: Lancome Climat, La Collection. Gorrrrgeous. Gorgeous all day, as a matter of fact. (Review of this one coming soon.)

Sunday, Jan. 24: SOTD: Parfum Sacre, because I needed something comforting today.

Monday, Jan. 25: SOTD: Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur. SOTE: Thierry Mugler Alien edp. I know everyone else in the Western Hemisphere has smelled this, but I hadn't yet. I'm surprised at how much I actually like it, jasmine not generally being a favorite of mine... of course, it's jasmine sambac, not jasmine grandiflorum, so it's tropical rather than French-y Lingerie de Putain. I can't decide if it's too sweet or not – I'll think, Yeah, too sweet, and stop paying attention, and then the next thing I smell is woody, and it swings back and forth.

Tuesday, Jan. 26: When I woke up, the end bits of Alien were still on my wrists, and they smelled woodily great. SOTMorning: Caron Aimez-Moi. Violet-anise-vanilla, wonderful. (Every so often it smells like old books, yay!) SOTAfternoon: vintage Piguet Baghari edc. Starts with aldehydes – and say what you like, I'm old-fashioned and I think aldehydes smell like real perfume, so there! – and then goes all spicy and dry... and after that, it gets pretty skanky for awhile. I think I scared the grocery clerk, despite adhering to my 3-foot sillage rule. It settles out of the skank after half an hour or so, but I finally washed it off so I could do some more testing. SOTE: L'Artisan Tubereuse.

(Four perfumes in a day... I feel a little, um, promiscuous. I had a college friend who seemed to change girlfriends as often as he changed his socks. His sock-changing routine was fairly normal, but the girlfriend-changing one was a bit extreme. I thought of him today. - Hi, Diz, and thanks for the laughs!)

Image is Perfume Bottles by Cassie's at flickr.


SignatureScent said...

Wow - you've got an amazing sniffing schedule. I'm struggling to keep up! Agree with a lot of your comments, particularly about the Tom Ford.

Cynthia said...

Ooh... I love Alien and don't get the dirty panties jasmine from it either. I only like the jasmine sambac, I guess - because I tried L'Ame Souer yesterday and wanted to saw my arm off from the skank. Which makes me afraid to give my Baghari a more thorough try - I didn't get skank the first time, but I only did a little dab.

Have you tried Alien Liqueur? The jasmine is more intense in that concentration - I love it. If you haven't tried it, drop me an email and I'll send you a sample. I'm in the google group - or our good friend Daisy has my email addy, too.

Mals86 said...

SS, I have what they call scent-eating skin most of the time. Typically - unless I'm testing a vanilla thing - I need to reapply after four hours or so, so it's no problem to just let my morning scent die and move on to something else.

Cynthia, I think I have your email somewhere... I haven't tried the Liqueur, but Abigail at ISTIA was raving about it a couple of weeks ago. I wonder if you'll get any skank from the Baghari at all. (Was it the vintage edc from the google group? Mine came in a spray.) I STILL haven't tried the L'Ame Soeur sample Daisy sent me, either... eek.

Cynthia said...

Yes, the Baghari was from the google group - I mostly got powder (I think - I've been on a testing spree lately).

I got HUGE skank from L'Ame Souer - if you think that Joy smells like dirty panties, I can't imagine this won't. Of course, Daisy didn't get skank at all.

I love the Alien Liqueur so much that I'm tempted to buy a back up bottle at FULL PRICE just in case it never gets to the discounters.

flittersniffer said...

Just retesting Parfum Sacre today after a long interval. It is perfect for this weather!

Mals86 said...

Cynthia - I really do need to tried that L'Ame Soeur. So you think the odds of Ho Panties are rather high?

Flitter, I love love Parfum Sacre...

Scentimental Fool said...

Baghari is pretty naughty! It's funny you had to scrub it off. What IS it exactly? The benzoin, musk, amber, vanilla combo really packs a punch. It's not civety skank, but something a little too boozy and creamy.

I just got some vintage Replique and I had that feeling times 10 and had to immediately take it off. I'm scared to put it back on! Anyway, can't wait to hear what you say about Climat. I may have to get some...

Cynthia said...

Mals - Considering the fact that you get dirty panties from Joy, I'm going to guess that you'll get skank from L'Ame Souer. Daisy doesn't get skank at all and even her daughter labeled it the "anti-skank" - so maybe it's just me. Or I was trying to many things that day - I'm going to give it another shot, but only on a day that I can easily get it off me.

Mals86 said...

Scentimental - I don't know what it was with the Baghari! I like a teeny bit of civet, and I really like the castoreum in L'Arte di Gucci (Mmm, love that stuff). My working theory is that jasmine grandiflorum in the right quantity is my personal Skank Beast.

It wasn't really skanky enough to make me *need* to scrub it, but I wanted to test something and needed a clean slate, so I washed instead of waiting for it to wear off.

Cynthia, I'll let you know what happens when I brave the L'Ame Soeur!