Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear Scent Diary, Jan. 13 – Jan. 19

Wednesday, Jan. 13:  Weather chilly and overcast. SOTD: Velvet Tuberose (reviewed Jan. 18). SOTE: Tubereuse Criminelle.
Thursday, Jan. 14: The CEO came home this morning from Seattle, and promptly left for the Agribusiness Association dinner in Richmond. Wonder what kind of mileage he put on his chassis this past week? Weather chilly (low 40's) but clear.  SOTD: Balenciaga Michelle (revised review pending). Bookworm, combating exam stress, snagged a spritz of Mariella Burani after considering and rejecting vintage Lauren as being “soapy and green” and therefore not the comforting thing she was looking for. SOTE: Voile de Fleur. Boy, that's nice stuff.

Friday, Jan. 15: Still chilly.  SOTD: Velvet Tuberose. SOTE: Kai eau de parfum.

Saturday, Jan. 16: Scentless morning, busy day. Opened a few late Christmas presents – I finally have my wished-for copy of Diana Gabaldon's An Echo in the Bone, thanks to my favorite brother. SOTE: Tubereuse Criminelle.

Sunday, Jan. 17: Weather chilly and damp. SOTD: Mariella Burani.

Monday, Jan. 18: Weather warmer, in the low 50's today, and clear. SOTD: Amouage Ubar. SOTE: Diorissimo. It slightly made up for the very crappy day we had (see RIP John Deere 4040).

Tuesday, Jan. 19:  Weather relatively warm (upper 40's and overcast).  SOTD: DSH Perfumes Essense Oil Mysore Sandalwood, followed by another wearing of Tubereuse Criminelle. I don't get this stuff yet. I will have to postpone my review again.

Photo is "My winter favorites" by F_A at


SignatureScent said...

Sorry to hear about your John Deere. Sounds traumatic.

I love the photo on your post today. Is that your collection of perfume bottles? Beautiful.

Also, I'm very impressed by your perfume testing schedule. TWO perfumes a day! I'm going to take a leaf out of your book and do the same thing. The first perfume has usually totally gone by the end of the day anyway. And if you only smell one, sometimes you've got nothing to say about it, or it's just a bit boring/disappointing.

I only found your blog a couple of days ago and I'm really enjoying it already.

Mals86 said...

Welcome, SS! and thanks for the condolences on the tractor.

No, it's not my collection - it's a picture from fragrantica that I requested permission to use. (Sadly, my collection consists largely of a number of undistinguished decant bottles and many, many miniatures, along with a few full-size bottles. I should take pictures of it anyway.)

I don't always test two things! I've been trying to do that for the tuberose series reviews. THen, too, I do have scent-eating skin especially in the winter, and what I put on in the morning is typically gone by 5pm, unless it was vanilla. THAT persists.